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Re: Stellarium
« Ответ #315 : 20 Май 2018, 14:33:42 »
Как загрузить комету     C/2016 M1 (PanSTARRS)       в Стеллариум версия 0.16.1
Не получится. Сайт Центра малых планет принудительно перешел на использование протокола HTTPS, а указанная версия его попросту не поддерживает (ни SSL библиотек в комплекте не идёт, ни проверок на https не стоит). Тут нужно обновляться до 0.18.0 (или даже бета версий) или скачивать элементы орбит и потом уже в планетарии использовать скачаный файл.
С уважением, Александр.

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Re: Stellarium
« Ответ #316 : 05 Июнь 2018, 18:52:59 »
Мы в свежих бетах добавили показ времени восхода, транзита и заката светил (за исключением ИСЗ) в блоке информации и астрономических расчётах (F10) - если у кого есть возможность - потестируйте.
С уважением, Александр.

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Re: Stellarium
« Ответ #317 : 01 Июль 2018, 17:58:31 »
Сегодня вышла версия 0.18.1 планетария Stellarium!

Полный список изменений:
- Added dithering support
- Added filtering for pulsars
- Added option for Telrad
- Added nomenclature for Charon
- Added new time steps for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Added support Mandarin Chinese language
- Added support of hi-res screenshots (GH: #141)
- Added few small improvements for Quasars plugin
- Added tooltips for color buttons in Pulsars plugin
- Added option to hiding invisible satellites in markers mode (GH: #145)
- Added angular size for the estimated values of coma and gas tail for comet
- Added support decimal degrees for size of DSO
- Added improvements for proportional size textures for large DSO (GH: #159)
- Added atmospheric mixing and extinction handling to Toast Survey (GH: #158)
- Added Korean translation for landscape description (GH: #170)
- Added shortkeys for change light pollution (GH: #171)
- Added rise, transit and set times for celestial objects (GH: #169)
- Added info about duration of the solar day
- Added scripting function to retrieve environment variables.
- Added changeability of magnitude limit for stars through keyboard shortcuts (GH: #174)
- Added Korean ISL File and Update iss.cmake (GH: #185)
- Added allowing storing script output to absolute path
- Added equatorial radius / diameter info for Solar system bodies
- Added calculation of equatorial rotation velocity for Solar system bodies (except comets)
- Added 2 more lines to ArchaeoLines plugin
- Fixed load the HiPS sources through proxy
- Fixed creating screenshots on retina displays
- Fixed behaviour Macbook's touchpad
- Fixed result of dithering color components with exactly zero tail
- Fixed dithering for OpenGL ES2
- Fixed enabling various lines when Telrad is enabled (GH: #109)
- Fixed error in DSO catalogs filter
- Fixed bug when screenshots folder can't be changed via GUI (LP: #1764084, GH: #144)
- Fixed compile with Qt5.10 (Windows/Visual Studio 2015) (GH: #139)
- Fixed visibility of splash screen (GH: #142)
- Fixed rendering asterisms names
- Fixed editing telescope properties for Telescope Control plugin
- Fixed memory leak of Bayer pattern texture in StelPainter (GH: #154)
- Fixed HiPS server requests (GH: #156)
- Fixed infotext brightness when planets are switched off
- Fixed crash after customization of absolute/relative scales
- Fixed operational status string for satellites
- Fixed incorrect pair counts in constellationship.fab files (GH: #167)
- Fixed color issue for formatting infostring
- Fixed selection in AstroCalc/Positions tool
- Fixed fullscreen toggle on Mac OS X (GH: #193)
- Fixed User Agent string for HiPS
- Fixed the SSO isolated trails checkbox. (GH: #199)
- Fixed a rendering bug with spheric mirror distortion (LP: #1777320)
- Updated behaviour of Toast: lazily creation of the grid
- Updated help of Telescope Control plugin
- Updated HiPS behaviour: try to use caching as much as possible
- Updated user agent string for HiPS browser
- Updated nomenclature list
- Updated main GUI
- Updated GUI of plugins
- Updated Satellites plugin
- Updated GPS handling
- Updated list of contributors
- Updated catalog of pulsars
- Updated behaviour of Search Tool for craters
- Updated Quasars plugin
- Updated format for DSO's size
- [SUG] Updated year for copyright notices
- Updated Korean Star Names (GH: #173)
- Updated hyperlinks for DOIs resolver (GH: #187)
- Updated CMake rules for Windows/MSVC (GH: #183, #188)
- Updated textures
- Updated Scripting Engine: extended behaviour for includes files in scripts
- Updated the code: remove some redundant calls to increase code readability. (GH: #184)
- Updated the code: replaces foreach macro by C++11 range-based for. (GH: #195)
- Updated the code: remove gVector, use Vec3d instead. (GH: #197)
- Updated the code: C++11 auto to replace complicated hand written types. (GH: #196)
- Updated the code: disable debug logging on OpenGLES mode. (GH: #201)
- Updated the code: remove the null pointer check after new. (GH: #202)
- Updated the code: check struct size by using static_assert. (GH: #203)
- Updated the code: put dwarf galaxies and h400 tables into static array. (GH: #204)
- Updated the code: call getDecYear in getDeltaTByEspenakMeeus. (GH: #205)
- Updated the code: remove some new/delete pairs, just use variables on stack. (GH: #206)
- Updated CMake code: enable persistent usage of C++11 standard for compiling (GH: #192)

Скачать новую версию можно здесь: http://stellarium.org

И бонус для фанатов: первая бета версия планетария StellariumWeb - https://stellarium-web.org/
С уважением, Александр.

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Re: Stellarium
« Ответ #318 : 18 Август 2018, 17:22:37 »
Вышла новая версия планетария - 0.18.2.

Полный список изменений:
- Added GUI improvements for AstroCalc tool
- Added elongation support for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Added support decimal degrees format for AstroCalc tool
- Added handle keypressing for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Added filters for enlisted objects in Search Tool/Lists tool
- Added filters for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Added new textures for moons
- Added column with angular distance from the Moon into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Added special case for partial solar eclipses in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Added centering text for headers in AstroCalc/Phenomena, AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Positions tools
- Added "clear" button for search of artificial satellites in the selected group (Satellites plugin)
- Added additional context for term 'Transit' (GH: #215)
- Added artwork for some Maori constellations
- Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae (Abell, 1966)
- Added distances for some planetary nebulae (DSO)
- Added possibility to select all constellations through scripts and hotkeys
- Added new language (Urdu)
- Added additional level of checks for JSON documents
- Added Lokono sky culture
- Added support to add/subtract calendric month through hotkeys (GH: #232)
- Added support 'ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas'
- Added processing the 30x HTTP codes for Quasars, Pulsars, Historical Supernovae, Bright Novae, Meteor Showers and Exoplanets plugins (GH: #236, #231, #229, #227, #226, #225, #224, #223)
- Added visual magnitudes and sizes for Abell planetary nebulae
- Added support Milkyway saturation effect (GH: #175, #242)
- Added Henriksson solution (2017) for Schoch formula for DeltaT (1931)
- Added actions (without default hotkeys) to toggle Moon and Minor body scaling
- Added script "Jupiter and triple shadow phenomena"
- Added script "Jupiter without Galilean satellites"
- Added script "Occultations of bright stars by planets"
- Added script "Mutual occultations of planets"
- Fixed sorting rules for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Fixed Moon HiPS rendering during eclipse
- Fixed URL of API for "Location from network" feature (GH: #218)
- Fixed some errors in DSO catalog
- Fixed crash in the combination: constellation is selected and sky culture has been changed
- Fixed Earth shadow on scaled Moon during eclipse
- Fixed auto-enabling landscapes when setObserverLocation is call (LP: #1783752)
- Fixed position of Jupiter moons: updated theory to L1.2 (GH: #222)
- Fixed cross-index data issue (DSO)
- Fixed the term for altitude above sea level (GH: #247)
- Fixed desync bug with IAU Constellation and constellation borders (GH: #246)
- Fixed reserved identifier violation issue (GH: #243)
- Fixed trouble with selection priority of nomenclature items for celestial bodies in deep shadow (GH: #239)
- Fixed parsing error in constellation IAU borders lookup (GH: #241)
- Fixed compiler warnings when GPS support is disabled (GH: #240)
- Fixed potential crash for Meteor showers plugin
- Fixed crash (segmentation fault) for sporadic meteors with max ZHR
- [SUG] Fixed bibtex link
- [SUG] Fixed links for HCG data (GH: #212)
- Updated scripts
- Updated behaviour of deselectConstellations() method (LP: #1780951)
- Updated Epimetheus texture
- Updated behaviour of "clear" button for Search and AstroCalc/WUT tools
- Updated list of locations
- Updated list of DSO names
- Updated behaviour of Oculars button on bottom toolbar: hidden by default
- Updated default bookmarks of Solar System Editor plugin (GH: #180)
- Updated script 'Partial Lunar Eclipse'
- Updated default host for GeoIP service
- Updated the appdata file (GH: #234)
- Updated behaviour of Location dialog: allowed to use resort GPS location at next startup and disable IP query when GPS is used
- Removed support of terrible Qt plural forms
С уважением, Александр.

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Re: Stellarium
« Ответ #319 : 24 Март 2019, 18:25:03 »
Сегодня вышла версия 0.19.0 планетария.

Полный список изменений:
- Added new type of computation for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
- Added GUI options to change constellations and asterisms font size (GH: #576)
- Added new source to star names and added new additional name to kappa Scorpii
- Added tool to detect Intel C/C++ compiler in our Logger
- Added new method into ConstellationMgr class - getConstellationsEnglishNames() to get English names of all constellations in the selected sky culture [Scripting Engine]
- Added new one script 'Constellations Tour' to organize the tour around constellations of the loaded sky culture [Scripting Engine]
- Added constellation boundaries for Chinese Skyculture (GH: #584)
- Added more values to correctly detect MSVC version
- Added few scriptable methods into HighlightMgr class to manage highlight points
- Added translation support for strings within scripts
- Added Chinese medieval sky culture (GH: #604)
- Added Alipurduar town (West Bengal; India) to the default locations list (GH: #606)
- Added extra check-point for data directory in the StelFileMgr class
- Added DSO textures
- Added sensor crop overlay to Ocular plugin (GH: #612)
- Added tool for allow filetype selection for Screenshots (GH: #623)
- Added core.getPlatformName() and core.isMediaPlaybackSupported() methods into scripting engine
- Added scripting function isModuleLoaded()
- Added graph "Transit altitude vs Time" into AstroCalc/Graphs tool
- Added small simplification to scripting through adding master switch by types for grids, lines and points on the sky [Scripting Engine]
- Added showing labels for named highlights (GH: #638)
- Added allow setting location of User Data Dir via environment variable.
- Added scripting graphics tool [Scripting Engine] (GH: #640)
- Added LMC and SMC as addition names for Magellanic Clouds
- Added classifications support for sky cultures
- Added support 2 southern deep sky catalogues (NGC subset; esp. for southern observers)
- Added armintxe, paleolithic sky culture and landscape (GH: #628)
- Added demo script for martian analemma [Scripting Engine]
- Added support sols for setDate() method [Scripting Engine]
- Added code, who indicate to hybrid graphics systems to prefer the discrete part by default (GH: #649)
- Added support for constellation boundaries thickness (GH: #653)
- Added Maya constellations (GH: #635)
- Added 2 Babylonian skycultures (GH: #647)
- Added display of used (terrestrial) timezone for observation from extraterrestrial locations
- Added special case for Satellites plugin: use texture for draw the crossing of the ISS of the Moon or the Sun
- Added nightly illumination plus basic description for armintxe landscape
- Fixed Ependes Observatory location (GH: #581)
- Fixed scaling the distance in AstroCalc
- Fixed naming the stars in AstroCalc tool when non-western skyculture is enabled (GH: #577)
- Fixed sorting of column Distance in Astronomical Calculations' Ephemeris tab (GH: #579)
- Fixed wrong calculation the FOV of CCD in Oculars plugin
- Fixed compile Stellarium without media features
- Fixed behaviour of script (The old script 'Constellations Tour' was renamed to the 'Western Constellations Tour' and updated) [Scripting Engine]
- Fixed documents for core.clear() method [Scripting Engine]
- Fixed unit tests failure on Windows and some linuxes (GH: #586, #587, #588)
- Fixed the user interface problems for lenses in Oculars plug-in (GH: #580)
- Fixed copyright years in CREDITS.md file
- Fixed checker in the StelFileMgr class (GH: #589)
- Fixed macOS User Data Directory in documentation (GH: #593)
- Fixed bug report address for .desktop translations
- Fixed a typo in Scenery3D plugin (GH: #600)
- Fixed selecting LMST, LTST and system_default timezone names
- Fixed math error in StelHips (GH: #599)
- Fixed a potential memory leak in libtess (GH: #598)
- Fixed error for ephemeris calculations time window (GH: #605)
- Fixed description data for textures.json
- Fixed missed translatable strings in StelSkyCultureMgr class
- Fixed CWE-404 issues
- Fixed crash when script tried delete already deleted labels (GH: #625)
- Fixed zooming behaviour
- Fixed time zone issue in AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Fixed DSO texture overlay issue (GH: #655)
- Fixed FTBFS issue on some linux systems
- Fixed bad behaviour time zones in the location panel (GH: #602)
- Fixed crash when selecting certain dates in 1 AD for some time zones on Windows (GH: #594)
- Fixed default limits for graph "Transit altitude vs Time"
- Fixed translation the "Armintxe Cave" string (GH: #657)
- Fixed airmass calculation for deep-sky objects
- Changed default constellations font size
- Changed HiPS behaviour: don't show tile if it is hidden by children
- Changed behaviour of version checker: introduced the additional check for latest version
- Changed behaviour of the BottomStelBar::updateText() method (GH: #596)
- Updated Reingold and Dershowitz algorithm of DeltaT (New algorithm was taken from the Calendrical Calculations: The Ultimate Edition book)
- Updated cmake rules for ICC/ICPC support (Intel C/C++ compilers)
- Updated GUI in Oculars plugin
- Updated Stellarium User Guide
- Updated technical documentation
- Updated Amalthea texture
- Updated scripts (added i18n support)
- Updated scripting API: added format specification for screenshots. (GH: #623)
- Updated the code (thanks for PVS-Studio to the finding an issues)
- Updated DSO textures
- Updated textures of LMC (GH: #632)
- Updated nomenclature
- Updated jquery and jquery-ui in Remote Control plugin (GH: #620, #621)
- Updated scripting engine: MilkyWay saturation scriptable now
- Updated scripting engine: expanding the core.clear() method
- Updated Satellites plugin: harmonized function name, added a property [Scripting Engine].
- Updated KoreanCM.isl file - typofixes (GH: #639)
- Updated RemoteSync plugin: suppress unsuitable properties (GH: #642)
- Updated AstroCalc/WUT tool: optimizations
- Updated AstroCalc/Positions tool: optimizations
- Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: optimizations
- Updated contact info for plugins
- Updated Sterngarten model description
- Updated behaviour of the options on Starlore tab
- Updated list of extraterrestrial locations
- Updated time zones behaviour: make custom time zone use a full property of StelCore
- Updated time zones behaviour: preserve custom timezone setting
- Updated LocationDialog behaviour: Return to default location resets location list.
- Removed a long time abandoned incomplete LogBook plugin
- Remove old deprecated methods in scripting engine
- Remove languages without translators and with translations lesser than 1%

Большое спасибо всем, кто писал отчёты об ошибках, запрашивал новый функционал и принимал участие в создании новой версии планетария!
С уважением, Александр.